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    Welcome to rethink wallet, we have been providing Payday Loan cash advances to customers for over 10 years and are always pushing to give the best rates. Thanks to the availability of payday loans, borrowers have a legitimate way of coming up with quick and much-needed cash. A payday loan actually eliminates the temptation to go to loan sharks who charge extremely high interest rates and who may resort to violence just to get their money back.Payday loans can improve your household's welfare. Classifying a payday loan as predatory is actually a misconception. This is because payday loans may really help improve household welfare, according to a report by Donald P. Morgan of the Federal's Bank of New York.

    Payday loans are easy and convenient loans that involve a small amount and a short payment term. Anybody who can present a pay slip or bank statement can avail of a payday loan that is worth as low as $50 to about $1,500 which is payable within 30 days or even 2 weeks.

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    The application process is also simple and fast. You only need to fill out an application form, provide a check or bank account details, and wait for about 1 day or just a few hours to get your loan. A payday loan is a great source of quick cash that you can easily pay on your next payday. Still not convinced?
Here are 4 more benefits of payday loans you may not have thought of:

Payday loans make credit available when you have already exhausted all other alternatives. According to payday lending advocate Tom Lehman, a payday loan makes available to high-risk borrowers small loans when other financial institutions will not. This simply means that unlike in the past, the masses, especially the poor, have access to credit today. For instance, you have already asked from family and friends for help. You have tried to get paycheck cash advances from your employer and cash advances from credit cards, credit unions, pawn shops, banks and other small consumer loans provider. You think you are out of options. But this is where a payday loan can help you.

Payday loans save you from resorting to illegal means such as loan sharks.

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